Kenny Kok

Founder & CEO
Mr. Kenny Kok joined the real estate industry in 2005. Although he was the youngest in the team, he showed his innate sales ability and won the SE Homes Realty's Best New Employee Award. He remained a top sales in the following years consecutively and led a team of 20 high-performing juniors.

In 2009, he further challenged his career by setting up a branch in Kepong under Vivahomes Realty and expanded to Setapak and OUG area.

With his proficiency in the real estate industry, he was promoted to the Sales and Marketing Director of Vivahomes Realty and set up the Project Ultimate department.

After 14 years of hard work and trials and errors, he took on the responsibility of a start-up entrepreneur to build a platform and set up a system that the team can avoid those costly mistakes that he had been through - whether it's time cost or money cost, so as to make their real estate business run more smoothly. With his dedication to helping people who have the same background as him and are eager to change and succeed, E Trend Realty was born.


Tan Chun Haw, Vincent

Director and license holder of E Trend Property Management Sdn Bhd
Sr. Tan Chun Haw holds a Bachelor Degree in Marketing and MBA from University of Wales Cardiff and a professional degree in Valuation from RISM.

Vincent is an Registered Estate Agent and Property Manager registered with BOVEAP with the license number of E 2130, PM 1185.

He started his Real Estate career in 2000 and obtained his E License in 2010. He has been actively in Real Estate Agency business and then venture into Property Management.

In 2017, he has join E Trend Realty Sdn Bhd as Director and in 2018, he has set up E Trend Property Management Sdn Bhd till current.

In 2019 , E Trend Property Management Sdn Bhd implement of ISO 9001:2015 ,a new step for e trend management sdn bhd

Pn Sharifah Azah binti Syed Ahmad

Sharifah is a Registered Valuer, Estate Agent and Property Managers with Board of Valuers, Appraisers, Estate Agents & Property Managers with the license number of E 0295, V 0178, PM 0178.

She is graduated from Diploma in Valuation and then further her studies in Estate Management at DeMonfort University (Leicester) and got her Masters in Business Administration at UKM in 1990.

Sharifah has 18 years of experience in Valuation department. She then further expanding to Property Management field. She's with UM for 7 years as the course coordinator and Head of Property Management division.

In 2005, she formed her very 1st Real Estate Agency and active in property agency field for 13 years. While in 2018, she decided to join E Trend Realty Sdn Bhd and E Trend Property Management Sdn Bhd as Director until current.